Wasteland (Album, 2015)

Solo Exhibition

Toronto, ON
August 10 - September 20, 2015

Wasteland is a series of diptychs that focus on the relationship between the body and the image as an object in both sites of production and display. Starting with waste off-cut surfaces primed for an image, Stasieczek took to the darkroom to continue his physical investigation of movement, the body, surface, and light within the limitation of a dark room. These diptychs offer the gestured destruction of a photographic surface that is dimensionally enhanced as a flat plane. The evidence of the gesture permeates through the Kodak Endura chromogenic metallic paper as a interplay of saturated colour fields amplified in a disruption of rippling creases. The photographic objects offer up a type of formalism in response to a embodied relationship to the photographic act, which for Stasieczek is an action-oriented ontology. The legacy of photographic gesture is embodied as knowledge, which plays itself out in the composition of exposure. Like music, these fields present a unified record or experience, harmonized through the calibrated bodily act of navigating exposure. 

Artist supplied text, curated by Laura Findlay.