Inverse Light and Chamber (Interstitial, 2015)

Solo Exhibition

Seattle, WA
September 12 - October 24, 2015

Inverse Light and Chamber explores the breakdown of photographic composition. Artist Patryk Stasieczek uses the techniques of photography to transmit the experience of an image back into the gallery, which becomes saturated in the negative of an original exposure, formulating an examination of gesture, objects, and space.

In a direct response to Interstitial's unique layout, Inverse Light and Chamber transforms the room into a site where the material production of photography and the resulting visual composition are combined. Using colored light in a wide variety of formats, Stasieczek allows the viewer to experience the gallery space as image and the viewer as camera. The room is dark, the eyes adjust, the edges articulate, and the work is engaged.

Download Exhibition Text.

Curated by Julia Greenway.