In this we are Arrived - ie, Gallery (2013)

In This We Are Arrived
Deborah Edmeades, Sunny Nestler, Liz Knox, Kate Moss, Erin Siddall, and Setareh Yasan

March 21 - April 13, 2013

This exhibition features objects and artworks that have made the journey to Vancouver as a by-product of relocating to pursue either an MAA or MFA program. Graduate students from ECU, UBC, and SFU have provided objects of transnational origin. These relocated items form a collection of value, activating reminiscence as we adjust to this new psychic geography known as Vancouver, the site of our creative dialogues at the graduate level.

In this we are arrived speaks to those origins and contextualizes them outside of our personal spaces into the public realm. We have, by means of transplantation, activated these things by their conservation and collection. This meaningful attachment that we have by keeping things along through displacement pays tribute to the communities that have nurtured our current state of being. In this we are arrived exhibits these private transplanted objects to honor them in a commemorative space, and to share their significance with a wider audience.