Enter the Foam & Achieve Second Sight - Eastern Bloc (2011)

Enter the Foam & Achieve Second Sight
Raphaelle Frigon, Simon Belleau, Sadaf Hakimian, Jessika Hade-Précourt, Rey Benjamin Quiles, François Lalumiere, Laura Rokas, Casey Watson, Amélie Arès, Vincent de Belleval, Tobias Ziegler, and Morgan Sutherland

March 1 - March 19, 2011

In the space that is of the mind, abstraction reveals dimensions composed of altered states of holographic being. These pockets of infinite perception are projected outward. As art, they evoke intimate tensions of existence that are internal/external.

The abstract current in art reveals dimensions made in altered states of thought and realized through intuitive processes. This achievement of second sight is effectively translated only as art. The quality in the creative process found within the work of the abstract is one of instinct. The formal qualities that collide in such work illicit an aesthetic semblance that opens the ability to distance oneself from matter (as an experience of sight and hearing) to create appearance by giving form to what is formless.

This second sight liberates perspective and cultivates new frequencies of perception. In an almost psychic vision, artists channel a reality of experiential perspective and translate it through an association with material and form. In doing so, the work they create refracts dimension and pulls those who interact with the work into the pocket world of their choosing. Each pocket-reality that exists within a work rests within the group as a whole where one can enter and experience many realities: all of which cultivate second sight, an intuitive visual instinct, and expand the aesthetic dialogue to the Schein of psychic perception.

Exhibition text by Patryk Stasieczek, co-curated with Jerome Nadeau.