Asking For It (FIELD Contemporary, 2015)

Solo Exhibition

Vancouver, BC
March 27 - April 25, 2015

This exhibition is the result of an ongoing photographic investigation into an embodied material practice towards the occurrence of an event. Within photography's background, an event is considered an artifactual witness of an operation, as it provides access through the delineation of a trace on some form of light sensitized material. The photograph itself becomes an extension of the body, being extended through calculated optics and limitations, as presented by the medium of photography. By looking at the photographic event in this way and accepting the limitations of the photographic practice, only a composite view is the phenomenon to which a record of things can be further examined.

Stasieczek takes the idea of an immaterial photographic production back into the darkroom and produces compositional light paintings within the disembodied space of complete darkness. He composes images through using a variety of lighting materials and digital technologies, coupled with sensitized photographic surfaces, allowing for his body to calibrate the exposure and gesture. The resulting photographic traces hold an intentionality that is a direct response to the spatial parameters of their composition, and are further informed by the legacy of production knowledge located in the body. 

This exhibition consists of photographic light paintings, digital c-prints capturing the interference of digital image technologies, as well as a deconstructed light box work.

An afternoon of photographic conversation was scheduled on April 11th, titled Speaking Off It, panelists included Karen Zalamea, Manuel Correa, Sean Alward, along side the artist. This talk was mediated by Avalon Mott.

Exhibition text co-authored between the artist and Avalon Mott, curated by Avalon Mott and Daniel Jefferies in conjunction with Capture Photography Festival.