Francis Macchiagodena - Eclipses in the Realm (2018)

Eclipses in the Realm
Francis Macchiagodena

February 28 - March 31, 2018

Eclipses in the Realm is an exhibition of abstract photographs by Francis Macchiagodena. The images offer an insight towards a visual exploration of a scientific process, framing the photographic as an emotionally experimental site embedded within subjectivity. Photography is an engagement with reality that is rehearsed – images are studied and offer a foundation in systems of active, embodied awareness. In Eclipses in the Realm, these activities orient perception. The black and white fiber prints resemble the unfamiliar and the celestial, of worlds outside of ours. As such, Macchiagodena is in conversation with the scientific photographs of Berenice Abbott as well as an increasing class of contemporary observational formalists working in photography. For the artist, the development of a photographic subject is a method of observation bound in an understanding of the self. In his work, we have systems of chance, control, and measure. The photographs are a result of visualizing the intersection of light through an isolated segment of nitrogen, oxygen, and particles of organic and inorganic compounds. The compositions flux between the gestural shapes within the images and their arrangements. They present a phenomenon of displacement through an apparatus of lenses, temperature, and observation. The technique inspires an ontology of materialist, scientific truth as plural and subjective through the realm of artistic experience. Macchiagodena offers fields of black interrupted by spherical light – frozen traces realized within a space of embodied photographic observation. The resulting images visually represent a process in as much as they extract from it. His photographs isolate a subjectivity, resulting in abstracted compositions that are formed through exposures in darkness, presenting an alternative mode of vision. By wielding the large format camera, Macchiagodena establishes in himself a technique that understands space as a tactile negotiation of a void between apparition and matter. The emotional capacity of viewing contends with a vague system and report, and Macchiagodena emphasizes this by offering large scale surfaces for contemplation – in images without a ground.